Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ornament Idea for next year

Craft: Handprint Snowman Ornaments

    I seen these ornaments last year and made sure I saved the idea.  They are going to make great grandparent gifts!  They are so easy and turn out cute!
    Here’s what you need:
    • ornament- make sure it is a shatterproof one!
    • white paint
    • glitter paint, optional
    • paint pens, Sharpies or other paints for decorations
    • foam brush
    • Clear Coat Spray Paint
    1. Pour white paint onto paper plate
    2. Paint your child’s hand white with a foam brush
    3. Have your child hold the ornament, being careful not to move fingers
    4. After the paint has dried, decorate your snowmen
    5. Spray with Clear Coat
    To put his hand print on the ornament I found it easiest to have him open his hand after I painted it and I would place the bulb in the palm and then have him slowly close his fingers and then I pushed each on done.  Then I’d tell him to open his hand real fast.
    This is make shift holder, to hold the ornaments as they dried.  This card board came out of a package that I had received that I pulled out of my recycling bin.  I used a pen to poke the holes and then stuck markers in to slid the bulbs on to dry.  Any kind of box should work.
    Don’t forget to put the name and the year on the ornament too!  I’ve seen them decorated with scarfs and other fun snow items.
    Then add this hang tag to it with this poem:
    (Child’s Name) Snowmen
    These aren’t just 5 snowmen
    as anyone can see…
    I made them with my hand
    which is a part of me.
    Now every year at Christmastime
    when you deck your halls
    you can look back and remember
    Christmas (this year)
    when my hand was just this small!
    Merry Christmas
    Love, (Child’s name)

    Have fun making them!

    Friday, March 7, 2014

    In Progress

    I am bringing my blog back to blogspot however the move has not been easy and all my pictures did not move with the blog so I am going to have to put them back. This blog is 3 years old so have paitience as I fix all the issues. Thanks

    Kim's Recipe Box: Baked, Hard Boiled Eggs

     This is not my original recipe and I don't know who came up with it. I was given this tip by one of my sons best friends who is a body fitness fanatic  Mark keeps these baked eggs on hand for a quick meal. All you need is an oven, muffin pan and eggs. Pre heat your oven to 325 degrees . Place an egg in each well of the muffin pan, pop them in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes and your done! Eggs cooked in the shell this way peel easier for some reason. Thanks Mark for sharing!

    What Daddy Bear Loves ~ Giveaway Open to the U.S. Only!

    GEDC0190 GEDC0202Not everyone is fortunate to have a daddy who can do things with them. But if you do, then this would be a great gift set for your little cub. Daddy Bear Scrubs has come up with a cute and innovative story book/ stuffed toy combo to pay homage to all our hard working Daddy Bears. What Daddy Bear Loves most is spending time with the family as he hikes, rafts and plays because GEDC0201what Daddy Bear loves most is to explore with the kids. This would be a wonderful set for any soon to be or new daddy. Also, someone in the military that is returning home. This set makes a great gift idea at Fathers day so Daddy Bear can read it to the cublettes. The soft and cuddly stuffed bear is not jointed. From it's sitting position it's about 6 1/2 inches tall.  He is wearing a dark blue long sleeved shirt that says Daddy on the front and I'm The Daddy on the back. The book is geared towards younger children, one year old and up. It's one  of those solid cardboard toddler books made to last, easy to read with bright, colorful pages sure to keep any child's attention. When our daddy bear read the book to the little ones in our lives they all snuggled up to him as close as they could get. The only problem was that there weren't enough daddy bears to go around! If you are looking for expectant father gifts tou can purchase your own What Daddy Loves book by clicking on this link You can enter to win on the Rafflecopter form below:

    Magic Whiteboard Products Review!

    76d1e3f2217f0615de08a77705b9ab494ab4c453I'm super excited about this review!


    My husband is a note nut, if he doesn't write it down he forgets, because of this we have a ton of whiteboards and cork boards all over my house. When I discovered Magic Whiteboards I couldn't wait to get them not only because I knew the Mr. would love it, I knew it would be a tool for everyone and I was right. When it arrived I fell in love with it instantly. Magic Whiteboard Products really came up with a winner for anyone of any age or profession. This is a thin sheet of plastic that applies anywhere you want it to. I could see a marketing executive use this as easily as a mom, college student or even a forgetful dad like I have. I really like the compact clean feeling I get with the Magic Whiteboard and I would not mind having more of them!

    In my opinion Magic Whiteboard Products are truly innovative they come in a variety of sizes from post noteto blackboard sizes. You can also purchase them in clear, white and black! For more information on how you  can purchase yours please visit:

    You can also follow Magic Whiteboard on Facebook and Twitter!      I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    How Safe Is Your Child? Did You Know We Are Deep Into RSV Season?

      rsv (photo credit Because of my families experiences, I wanted to tell  you our story and share a really serious virus RSV with you. We thought we were safe, do you really know how safe your children are? When my daughter was tiny I had to work, this meant that I had to rely on day care and baby sitters. Living in a small town I did not have a wide variety of caregivers I could choose from. I chose a day care center that seemed pretty secure  No one could gain access to the children without someone on staff handing the child over to the adult who was picking them up. They always checked the adults photo identification when a child was picked up, and they always checked to see that the person picking up was allowed to take the child  There were a lot of children, so I felt safe leaving my daughter there. I felt that she would be protected,  and also get the much needed social exposure to other kids. As a young mother I had no idea there were other things I needed to worry about.  Which is why I am writing to you today. About a week into starting at this care center, I arrived to see my daughter sitting quietly in a corner. There was a lot of activity going on.  The other children were running and playing. However, my daughter was sitting, dejected and forgotten. I was immediately alarmed, which quickly turned to frustration, because it took almost a half hour to get one of the attendants attention. Then they would not let me see my daughter until they checked me out. The security process was slow and painful when I needed contact now.  I could not gain access to my daughter until they arrived at the front desk to greet me, check my id, her records and then collect her. No one was at the front desk, there was no bell, and I could not gain the eye of any of the adults I saw. I felt helpless. Then, when my daughter was finally brought to me, she told me she was not feeling well and the adult in control told her to go sit down. She had been there for hours, and no one checked on her. When I touched my daughters forehead she was burning up, and when I say burning up I don't mean the slightly warm feeling you expect when your child isn't feeling well. She was so hot it was shocking, no one had bothered to even touch her head or call me. I was angry, upset, and beyond niceties. I left the day care center and went directly to our pediatrician. What followed was one of the scariest 48 hours of our lives. When a doctor looks troubled and says they have no clue what's wrong, it's pretty scary. Our daughter had a fever of over 103, the doctor instructed us to take my daughter to the local emergency room where she would have orders waiting for us. They ran a gamut of tests that our daughter had to endure. She was on an I.V.,  which helped to bring her fever down enough for us to take her home. Even though the thermometer said she was within normal boundaries, her skin felt like it was scorching, and no one knew why. Even so, they let us take her home with instructions to take her back to our doctor the next day.  When we arrived at the doctors office, they told us not to enter through the lobby. Instead, they had us go through a back door, where we were escorted to a room to wait. It worried me that we did not go through the normal waiting room process. The doctor still wasn't  sure what was wrong, but she had an idea and would know for sure after she ran the next test. The doctor did say she was quite concerned and once again had us bring her back the next day. That was a sleepless night for my husband and I. We didn't know what was wrong, but we were afraid it was serious and our daughter may die. The next day our pediatrician looked a lot more relaxed when she told us she had been up researching all day and night for the last 48 hours. She had been afraid our daughter had a rare and fatal virus. So rare that it was hard to diagnose. She was relieved to tell us that what our daughter had was scarlet fever. It had fooled her because of the high temperature that dropped to hot skin and no temperature. The final test is what told her what was really wrong. Our daughter did not show any of the classic signs of scarlet fever which can be called strep throat . I am not a doctor so I can not tell you what the exact differences are, they are both caused by a group A streptococcal infection. I found out later that pink eye can be one of the symptoms of scarlet fever.  I discovered that this day care center had an outbreak of pink eye, strep throat, and scarlet fever. They did not inform the parents and did not keep the sick children home.  All of these conditions are highly contagious. RSV InfographicAbout 80% of all American children between 6 weeks and 6 years old spend time in day care settings. This being the case, we can't always be there to keep sick children away from our own children. Children like to interact with each other, and lets face it, kids don't use the most sanitary standards and practices. Sadly, because the adults, who we pay to take care of our children, do not always give the individual attention to our children that we would. Our children are often times exposed to all sorts of contagious illnesses. This is why it's so important to understand RSV (respiratory syncytial [sin-sish-uhl] virus) and how dangerous it can be. Most children contract this disease by the time they are two years old. However infants, (especially preemies) that have not developed immunities to help them fight infection, can come in contact with the RSV virus and develop serious infections. RSV infections are the leading cause of infant hospitalization. It is responsible for more than 125,000 hospitalizations and up to 500 infant deaths each year. What is most shocking, is that RSV can be found just about anywhere (doorknobs, counter tops, toys, bedding) and it will stay alive for hours. It can be spread by touching, kissing and hugging. So when you have children in a really lax atmosphere, like a day care facility, they can pick up the RSV virus anywhere. Even through their foods. So What does RSV do? It causes cold-like symptoms. With some babies it can result in really bad respiratory infections.  Because preemies lungs are not fully developed and they don't have the anti bodies necessary to fight infections, respiratory infections can be fatal. There are no treatments for RSV once contracted, so it's really important to control the spread of germs during RSV season. To do this all you need to do is make sure you wash your hands and your children's hands regularly. Make sure you regularly clean their toys, use clean clothing and maintain clean clean sheets and blankets on the beds. Avoid crowded areas and do not subject your child to cigarette smoke. We are deep into the RSV season which runs during the winter months of November through March. Be aware of what to look for and avoid anyone that has these symptoms: 
    • Constant coughing, wheezing or gasping for breath
    • Fast or troubled breathing
    • Spread-out nostrils and/or a caved-in chest when trying to breathe
    • Bluish color around the lips, mouth or fingernails
    • High fever (especially if it is over 100.4°F in infants under 3 months of age)
    • Extreme fatigue
    • Difficulty feeding
     *These are the more serious symptoms of RSV so if you notice them seek medical care immediately! Please note that a mild case will run it's course with out cause for alarm. Still, you need to keep your children from spreading to others. So keep them home when possible. Prevention is most important so if you can afford it, have your child with a nanny or private care, such as a relative who will care only for your children. If you have a tiny infant or preemie, you may want to have face masks and hand sanitizer on hand for visitors.  And always consult your doctor for more information on what you can do to prevent your child from contracting RSV. Please visit for more information on RSV.  "I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of MedImmune and I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation."    

    Funny Irish T-shirts for St. Patrick's Day!

    GEDC0187Saint Patrick's Day  is around the corner, now is the time to get any special clothing you want to wear!  There are two things 089cc30d457445dddc16ca9d14943fe8d3bddf18 my husband loves most one is funny t-shirts and the other is beer, so when I can come up with a combination of the two I know I have a winner!  It doesn't matter what tickles your funny bone has exactly the sentiment you are looking for in the color you want. We received black which is my husbands favorite color, but if you're looking for green so you don't get pinched on St Patty's Day no problem you choose the color you want! You can find this shirt and more at www/ you can get your order in just in time for Saint Patrick's Day! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    Review and Giveaway: Patrice, Party Caramel Coconut Coffee

    patrice Review and Giveaway: By Kelly of Couponer's Corner I was recently given the opportunity to try a gourmet coffee from Patrice Health & Home Essentials. There were a few different flavors to choose from, and to be honest, I didn't want to pick just one!  After hearing the choices, I chose Caramel Coconut.  I'm glad I did, too. Patrice brought the coffee over to me, and before I even opened the bag I could smell the sweet caramel and coconut flavorings through the freshness seal.  This really got my taste buds coffee(1)excited.  I brewed a cup to try and as it was brewing my kitchen started to develop a beautiful aroma.  It was something similar to a bakery and coffee shop.  Needless to say, I couldn't wait to taste this tempting brew. As someone who generally buys coffee with coupons, I am far from a "gourmet" connoisseur of coffee...but I do LOVE a good Cup of Joe, especially on a chilly morning. And I know what I don't like.  I don't like "muddy" or "Bitter" coffee.  Coffee seems to be one of my guilty pleasures, especially as I get older.  I love to try different creamers and blends so I was delighted to try this product. After smelling the aroma of the coffee brewing, I couldn't help but to smell the coffee in my mug before taking my first taste.  It smelled wonderful...I could already taste the suttle sweetness.  Immediately I went for a real taste and my mouth savored each droplet.  I rolled my tongue over the top of my mouth and I savored the silky carmel coffee that lingered there.  I was in my kitchen, trying very hard to put my feelings into words for this review.  To be honest with you...I wanted more!  One of my other guilty pleasures is to use creamer in my coffee.  I had a non flavored creamer that I tried with it first.  Devine!  The creamer really seemed to enhance the once suttle coconut and carmel.  It was like the flavor intensified-and I liked it! To be fair, and to further my experimentations, I also tried this coffee with a fat free french vanilla creamer.  Oh my Goodness...this is something you have to try!  Again, the coconut and carmel flavored seemed to really pop with the creaminess of my "additive". I made a pot of this wonderful coffee over the weekend for my family and friends who happened to be visiting for a morning parade. I'll admit, I knew this would make the house smell wonderful, and it did!  Once they came in they asked what I was baking!  I laughed and told them it was this new coffee and that I had enough for everyone.  The 12 cups I had brewed were gone in no time at all!   They all agreed with me..this was delicious!  My husband who generally doesn't even like coconut said it was good-he had 2 mugs the morning of the parade! I also don't make a "strong" pot of coffee.  I use a couple small scoops to make an entire pot of coffee.  I loved that this coffee didn't have a bitter taste and that it didn't leave you with "coffee breath" as we call it here.  It was rich, smooth, and oh so delightful. If you have a love for a good cup of coffee, I give this product 5 stars!  It's defiantly going to be a staple at Couponer's Corner.  I love it!  In fact, I can't wait to  try the other flavors they have to offer. Please take a minute to visit their site and see what I am talking about...but be warned-you're about to be tempted just as I was.  You won't regret it!  I'm going back for more!!! The great folks at Patrice Health & Home Essentials have offered to let me give away a full size bag of Caramel Coconut to one lucky fan.  This contest is open to the US, but Couponer's Corner cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.  Must be 18 years of age or older. Disclosure Statement: Couponer's Corner was provided one package of this product to test and review.  Although Couponer's Corner did receive a free product, our reviews are always honest  and fair.  We volunteer this disclosure on our own will.  Couponer's Corner  accepts no responsibility for mail delivery after the package leaves our hands.  If you would like to insure your package; you can do so-at your cost. .  Bloggity Blog did not receive any incentive to help promote this event and in no way accepts responsibility for delivery of this gift. Please enter on the Rafflecopter form below: Good Luck!

    Zike Review and Giveaway!

    Review and Giveaway by: Elitemama
    About Zike
    Zike LLC is a revolutionary company that is passionate about creating the next generation of revolutionary new human powered products. Their new freestyle hybrid scooters are an innovative combination of both a bicycle and scooter that are unlike others on the planet. Zike is dedicated to commitment and excellence to providing well built, quality products. They hope to have a positive difference on peoples lives by combining fun and fitness with their environmentally friendly transportation.
    Zike's vision is simply not about being a one hit wonder or a one product success, but a passion for a continual and inventive steps for the future.They strive to "look at things differently". The goal for Zike is to consistently challenge the imagination and to constantly improve Zike's products. They strive daily to be their own best competition!
    For over 100 years bikes have been a world wide consumer. With 27 patents pending, Zike has pioneered a radical rethink. From meeting the needs of green initiatives to fighting childhood obesity, Zike's vision is leading the was by showing the world a whole new generation of scooters and bikes. Fun, exercise and transportation, Zike is launching a whole new way of looking at the Magic of Motion
    My Review: 
    To be honest, we have not had a chance to use the Zike Flyby Scooter yet... After I received the product a couple days later mother nature decided it was time for us to get some snow. What do you expect for Wisconsin, lol. It seems the snow over here is never going to end. If it's not snowing one day, it's raining and then the next thing you know your ice skating all over the sidewalks.
    As you can see, I took a picture of this snow that has prevented us from having a good time with the flyby. If you look close you can also see some chunks of ice in there as well. It's not fun to walk in, trust me. My kids and I have to ice skate to my sons school and back home. There is a lot off falling, tripping and so on and so forth. But, enough about that, lol. Oh, that's another thing, now, I had some pictures of the Zike taken out of the box showing you what it looks like, how many pieces have to be assembled and all, but the phone took some pretty crappy photos so I wasn't able to add those... You do get to see the Zike assemble though.
    This is the Zike Flyby Scooter. It was extremely simple to put together. My kids could have done it if they wanted to but I wouldn't let them though, lol. The only thing you have to put on is the front wheel, the handlebar and make some adjustments on the brakes. That's it!! It's simple to assemble. There is no need to fill any tires either so once you have this baby put together, you are ready to roll.
    These are a few pictures of what the chain, petals, kick stand and all that other stuff looks like. I did try it out in the basement just to see if everything was adjusted right (and to make sure I didn't screw anything up, lol) and it works great. It did take a bit to get used to. I guess maybe it's because I haven't rode a bike or scooter in over 5 years that I forgot how these things work. Yes, 5+ years... Don't hate, lol. After I got the hang of it it was simple and fun to use for a short period of time because of the limited space the basement has. Here is some information on the Flyby Scooter:
    The Flyby is the new cutting-edge phenomenon for kids ages 7 and up.  A step up from the HotShot, the Flyby has a double chain system that can generate higher speeds.  Well-built on a sleek, durable frame, this hybrid scooter takes the traditional scooter experience to a whole new level!  No more pushing and coasting.  It's time to fly!
    ·         Fast, double-bracket chain system
    ·         9-inch polyurethane tires for less maintenance
    ·         Designed for ages 7 to 10
    ·         Designed for moderate speed and easy pedaling
    ·         Handlebar and shaft detach from the frame in one step for easy storage
    Here is a fun video of Zike's products in action:
    And now for the moment you have been waiting for. This is the best part! I'm already shaking with excitement =)
    One lucky reader will win a Zike Flyby Scooter! The retail value for this product is $249.
    To enter this giveaway you must be 18 years or older, or have your parents permission to enter.
    Giveaway begins Febuary 21, 2013 and will ends March 7, 2013
    Open to the US only
    Enter the rafflecopter form below

    Tree Hut Tropical Mango Body Scrub Review and Giveaway!

    tree hut thsbsHave you you ever found something that smelled sooooo good you just wanted to rub it all over your body? I sure did when I received a review for Tree Hut's Tropical Mango Shea Sugar Body Scrub. It literally smells so delicious I felt like I could eat it, but I'm pretty sure that's not what it's meant for. With decadent ingredients like sugar, mango, shea butter, safflower, evening primrose, almond oil, avocado, macadamia nut, orange extract, and jojoba; I couldn't resist it! The instructions say to use in the bath or shower, but I wanted to make sure it didn't just wash down the drain right away, I also never use sugar products in my private areas because sugar can cause bacterial infections.  I wet my skin with a washcloth and slathered on a liberal amount of my Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub. I'm always on the lookout for a good body scrub, in the past exfoliating body washes I tried have disappointed me. They have those little beads that don't dissolve and are forever clogging my shower drain and I don't feel clean and scrubbed like I think I should. I even tried making my own sugar based body scrub once, only to have the sugar instantly dissolve and cover me in a sticky, unsavory goo. I'm happy to say Tree Hut excelled far beyond my expectations, leaving my skin uber soft, I have rough skin on my upper arms and the sugar scrub really made a difference there. Also, it did NOT clog my drain and left me smelling ambrosial. I'd definitively use it again! Needless to say mom isn't getting this one back! I'm also pleased to note that Tree Hut products are paraben free and has no formaldehyde donors and is made in the USA! I always try to be careful about the products I use so knowing that Tree Hut goes further to create a healthier product I feel safer using their products. For more information on where you can find Tree Huts products click here. If you feel lucky you can enter to win your own bottle of Tree Hut's Tropical Mango Body Scrub right here on Bloggity Blog all you need to do is complete the easy entry. The rest of the entries are optional do one or all of them that's up to you!

    Teas' Tea, Just In Time For Springtime Thirst Quenching! Review and Giveaway!

    images (8)
    " Teas' Tea"  is all natural.  It is named after the Japanese expression Ocha no Naka No Ocha, which means “The Tea of ALL Teas!”  Ito En, "Teas' Teas" parent company has been an industry leader in unsweetened tea for over 20 years. So you can imagine how excited I have been to be able to work with "Tea's Tea", and each time being able to try new and exciting flavors. My first review for Ito En was amazing. I love this company and all the amazing things they do. The haiku poems on each bottle are endearing and clever. Some of "Teas' Tea" flavors are very different from what I am used to, like some of the new flavors I was able to try. The Unsweetened Mint Green Tea(a blend of green tea and peppermint) has a very strong, earthy flavor with delicate after notes of refreshing mint. The plain Unsweetened Green Tea  also has a musky, earthy flavor that left a long lasting pleasant flavor in my mouth. My favorite one was the Unsweetened Rose Green Tea. The naturally sweet, perfumed rose petals used in this tea are absolutely decadent with none of the bitterness of the other two. It's soothing, silky flavor reminds me of chocolate. To be totally honest I added a tablespoon of honey to the bottles after initial tasting. I really didn't care for these teas in their unsweetened state. However after I added the honey, I liked them much better.  I would recommend trying any of the "Tea's Tea" flavors. 
    f1c32e24f5352d2035438ca74e9e44257b4b65a7I love Ito En and how environmentally conscious they are. I love how aware they are of our earth  22dfd31ac654d6a036df164e79ce108b2b4bd1ba and how they try to reduce it’s carbon footprint on it. They have been recognized for their recycling tea leaf program. ITO EN has been awarded the Grand Prize by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan and the Environment Minister’s Prize for developing eco-friendly products made from used tea leaves. A variety of products ranging from vending machines and public benches have also been a part of the company’s recycling CSR activities. In fact Ito En redesigned their bottles so they are the lightest bottle in the ready-to-drink industry, weighing in at only 18.7 grams. I love the fact that the bottles are so light yet still sturdy! Plus the smaller plastic bottles makes shipping more economical over glass which saves fuel... now that's what I call green! "Teas' Tea" wraps their bottles completely, which restricts exposure to light. This reduces oxidation and preserves the antioxidants in the teas. Doing this keeps the tea fresh and potent.  "Teas' Tea" wants you to to try their unsweetened tea and see for yourself how great they taste so they are giving one of my fans their own sample of these three great teas. To get them all you need to do is enter the easy entries on the rafflecopter form below. If you can't wait to see if you are the lucky winner to try them, "Teas' Tea" can be purchased on the Ito En website, you can also find them nationwide in leading natural and mainstream markets for about $1.99 per bottle. Ito En has conveniently provided a store locator

    All Natural Ginger Tummy Drops Review and Giveaway!

    GEDC0220Having an upset tummy is something we all experience though our lives. To me throwing up is the single most upsetting event I have ever had to endure. When I was pregnant, and then later after I was diagnosed and treated for leukemia, I threw up daily. Sometimes several times a day. What if there was a totally homeopathic(all natural) product I could have taken to offer me relief? I would have taken anything to prevent my nausea. Imagine my excitement to be able to try Tummy Drops which are gluten free lozenges (they look like cough drops) that are made from brown rice syrup and peppermint or ginger. My immune system is still really weak, so when I was briefly exposed to the horrible flu that was being passed around this winter, I fell ill. It took me more then two months to get better, even though I was taking two different antibiotics. When my samples arrived I was still experiencing nausea associated with the flu. Tummy Drops are really easy to use, I sucked on them when I started to feel a little queasy until it was completely gone. I followed the directions taking no more then 8 a day. I tried the peppermint first. I really liked the flavor and noticed a marked improvement in my tummy. In fact, I did not throw up once after I started taking them. I sometimes still felt queasy, but the drops settled my tummy to the point where it didn't get worse for me. The peppermint and ginger are both really flavorful, although the ginger are slightly spicy. I like spicy foods so the heat didn't bother me. However, my husband is a light weight and could not tolerate the ginger Tummy Drops.  I am not a medical professional and can not give you medical advice. Anyone under a doctor's care ( pregnancy, cancer treatments, stomach flu ect) should ask their physician if it's okay to use Tummy Drops. However, if you over eat or have one too many cookies I imagine Tummy Drops would work perfectly for you. They are conveniently small and totally portable, so it would be easy to have them in your handbag or pocket when you are out and about. I am thrilled to have my Tummy Drops and will keep them in my medicine cabinet from now on. I am privileged to be able to offer one of my readers a sample pack of one ginger and one peppermint Tummy Drops! To enter all you need to do is the easy entry on the Rafflecopter form below.\

    Introducing Healthing, Lysol... Why I never Leave Home without it!

    lys5Have you heard of the term "Healthing" yet? It's not a new concept. Keeping your family clean and safe from germs is the number one priority for parents everywhere. Lysol is committed to offering you the tools you need to offer your family the best environment for your family, even if you are away from home. When I am travelling, I always have a small can of Lysol disinfectant spray in my purse or suitcase. If I'm flying, I use Lysol disinfectant wipes. I had always used Lysol to spray down the kids toys, because well... kids are nasty little goobers sometimes. Once a month I always washed them and then followed up with a spritz of Lysol, because it kills up to 99.9% of germs! lys2 It's because of Lysol's power to protect and kill those germs, that I started to cart it around with me. When I was diagnosed with Leukemia, my immune system was non-existent. Being out in public was actually hazardous to me. If I was exposed to the flu or a simple cold meant I could die. I actually spent time in the hospital after my sister and her kids ( who had colds) came to see me. When that happened, I realized how important it was to keep everything as clean as possible. So think of all  those wonderful public bathrooms, ill cleaned hotel rooms, even public seats on bus' or airplanes. I had to be very careful. Lysol became my best friend. I carry a small makeup bag and in it has a supply of toilet seat covers, toilet paper and Lysol. When I have to visit the ladies room no matter how clean it looks I use my supplies. "Healthing" is not being paranoid, it's being smart and careful. At home I spray the beds when I change sheets, counter tops, toilets and even my bathroom and kitchen floors after I mop. I also use my Lysol spray on the dogs beds and their favorite rugs. If I deep clean I even use it on my blinds, sofa and easy chairs. These are the places I want to make sure are at their cleanest, and thanks to Lysol I can rest easy knowing my home is protected.  Giuliana Rancic has partnered with Lysol to work with YMCA's across the country. Not only is she currently visiting YMCA's in select markets across the country, she is demonstrating how "Healthing" works.  LYSOL will not only provide people who attend the workshops with valuable information about their products, but they will give them  proven steps to practice improved hygiene habits in their own home. Lysol, and Guliana are dedicated to providing these acts in a fun way, so your kids will really enjoy learning how to be healthy and safe from germs. LYSOL will also provide educational information and disinfecting products to the local YMCAs, along with the donation of a one-year membership to a deserving family. You can participate in Lysol's Healthing initiative by visiting their website:, Facebook page: or Lysol's Healthing guidebook   “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for LYSOL®. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.” lys4